Leading and Thriving during Change and Uncertainty: Learning Agility

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Dates: 24-25 September 2020 (Start: 9am End: 5pm)

Course Fee: RM 1,600 / person

“Learning Agility Predicts Success.”


It’s been said that Learning Agility is the silver bullet to success in a V.U.C.A. world.

We live in a Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous world.

For us to get ahead of the game and thrive at work amidst the complexity and uncertainty, we need to be agile learners!

Learning Agility is the willingness and ability to learn from experience, and subsequently apply that learning to perform successfully under new or first-time conditions.

A learning agile person demonstrates the following:-

  • An eagerness to learn about self, others and ideas;
  • Showing openness & willingness to learn from feedback and experience;
  • Is resilient when dealing with change or when faced with opposition;
  • Curious about how and why things work – desire to find out;
  • Is self-aware of strengths & weaknesses and open to feedback;
  • Seek out new experiences as a way to learn new skills;
  • Ability to perform better because they are able to incorporate their new skills & connect the dots from their experiences.

Learning Agility can be developed through a structured approach which addresses these five factors:

  • People Agility – Skilled communicator who can work with a diverse group of people;
  • Results Agility – Delivers results in challenging first-time situations;
  • Mental Agility – ability to examine problems in unique and unusual ways;
  • Change Agility – Curious, likes to experiment & comfortable with change;
  • Self-Awareness – Extent to which an individual know his/her true strengths & weaknesses.

This workshop is practical, hands-on and experiential in nature, allowing the participants to learn and practice the five factors of learning agility in order to be more agile learners and leaders. This program uses field tested tools, backed by research to help people be more agile learners.

Intended Audience:

Professionals, Individual Contributors, Managers, Team leaders & anyone who aspires to be more learning agile.


Workshop Objectives:

  • To understand what learning agility is and how it affects performance and success;
  • To discover one’s own learning agility;
  • To be aware of the five factors of learning agility;
  • To develop the skills required in the five factors to be more learning agile;
  • To practice connecting the dots and learning from experience.


Workshop Content: 

  • Introduction to Learning Agility
  • The Case for Learning Agility
  • The Five Factors of Learning Agility
  • Learning to assess your Learning Agility Profile
  • Exercise & Debriefing
  • Business Simulation Game – Results, Mental & Change Agility
  • Team Debriefing & Learning Insights
  • People Agility –communication skills, managing conflict
  • Self Awareness – strengths, weaknesses, feedback
  • Action Plan for developing Learning Agility


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