Problem Solving Skills for Business




Today, we live in unprecedented times. If VUCA was complex and ambiguous before this, now it feels like it’s VUCA accelerated!


In these uncertain and challenging times, businesses the world over are searching for answers daily to adapt, innovate, pivot and respond to the ever changing economic landscape.



And the first step to finding the right answers is to ask the right question!



Many a times, we don’t realise that one of the reasons we don’t get the answers or responses we want is because we don’t ask the right questions.



The better we are at asking powerful questions, the faster we are able to respond with solutions to complex problems.



Together with Action Learning methodology, teams are able to generate short term results and long term learning and success. 

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14 June 2021 - 4pm23 August 2021 - 3pm

[FACT] Did you know...?

it is possible for managers to improve their ability to solve complex problems with their teams by about 100-500 %?

(Ref: “Leading with Questions: How Leaders Find the Right Solutions by Knowing What to Ask”.                  By: Michael Marquardt)

problem solving skills

Albert Einstein was asked what would he do if he was given 1 hour to save the planet.   He said he would spend…

59 mins

defining the Problem and

1 min

resolving it !

Problem Solving Skills + Action Learning
= Answers to Critical Business Issues




Action Learning is a powerful problem-solving tool that has the amazing capacity to simultaneously build successful leaders, teams and organizations. 

It is a process that involves a small group working on real problems, taking action, and learning as individuals, as a team, and as an organization while doing so. 


” If you define the Problem correctly, you almost have the solution” 

 – Steve Jobs – 

The 3 Big Benefits of Attending our Problem Solving Skills Virtual Workshop

team problem solving

Discover How Powerful Questions open up minds & hearts to new possibilities in business problem solving

emotional wellbeing

Learn to Ask Powerful Questions 

Action Learning method

Experience the Action Learning Methodology used globally

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Problem Solving Skills for Critical Business Issues

problem solving for business

“Action Learning Groups recognize that Great Solutions 

will be contained within the seeds of Great Questions.”


Here's what some of our clients think, when asked what they liked best about FirstJoy's course

The fun and relevance of which I can apply not just for work but for personal life.

How to identify High Potential

It really connected to my work, inspired me to apply not only to my workplace but also my personal life, know a lot of techniques.

The effectiveness of the program with follow up and concept of supportive small group. This helps to be the catalyst for application after training.

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Why FirstJoy?

We have been in the business of talent development specializing in management and leadership development and coaching for the last 10 years.

We have trained and coached thousands of managers and leaders in multinational corporations and SMEs in 7 countries in South East Asia. 

We believe that training must translate to results including mindset and behavioural change.

We are proud to share that our programs and solutions have resulted in a 44% improvement in leadership effectiveness and team engagement.

We work with HR Directors, GMs, Heads of Departments and the Top Management of multi-national corporations and SMEs to help them identify and develop talents, leaders, build their leadership pipeline to improve alignment and results.

We care about you and we are passionate about what we do.

We are in it for the long haul and we want partner you to help you achieve your Return on Your Expectations (ROE) and better still, a Return on Your Investment (ROI).

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William Teo

We have over 60 years of total combined corporate experience.Our specialty is leadership development. We offer a vast selection of assessments, tools and learning technologies to support the process of learning in order to transform mindset and behaviours.


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FirstJoy sessions are highly Engaging, Fun & Relevant

Get ready to improve your Problem Solving Skills for Critical Business Issues!

If all you learned is One question that gave you THE ANSWER to your business issues, wouldn’t it be worth it? 

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14 June 2021 - 4pm23 August 2021 - 3pm