Analytical & Critical Thinking Skills

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Analytical & Critical Thinking Skills

4 - 5 June 2020 (Thurs-Fri)

(Start: 9am End: 5pm)

Course Fee: RM 1,600/person

Consider these scenarios: 

·  They are busy getting tasks fulfilled and have this nagging feeling that they are not operating efficiently by covering all aspects. Is there a way that they can determine a strategy to solve this through better thinking skills (critical/analytical) and manage their stakeholders better?


·  Their current process is inefficient and obsolete; their stakeholders want them to find a better way. How are they going to deploy critical/analytical and creative thinking skills to find new ideas to improve it?


·  Change is around the corner.  They need to think of various ways creatively to adapt and thrive in this new environment. 


If these scenarios are familiar and close to your needs, then this course is for its your team. It’s time to innovate and to re-invent!


Master the legendary Mind Map and empower them to unlock their creative/analytical and critical thinking skills.


Mind Mapping is a versatile thinking tool known as ‘the Swiss army knife’ of the brain, which can boost productivity and help one access the most creative/critical ideas.


This workshop focus is to bring the participants to a level where they can see their day to day work more innovatively, critically as well as analytically; hence set out to bring the necessary improvements.


Learning Outcome

·     Ability to use Mind Maps confidently;

·     The creation of a Mind Map is a revolutionary way to tap into the infinite resources in the brain, to think critically and make appropriate decisions, and to understand feelings;

·     Discover the versatility of Mind Maps as a tool for critical/analytical thinking, communication, problem-solving, creative dreaming, teaching, revising, managing time and recalling memories;

·     Awareness of the need to develop learning agility to increase effectiveness


Workshop Content

ü  Mindset for creativity and innovation: Why creativity matters to analytical and critical thinking skills. Most of all, how they will impact innovation that bring business results.


ü  How to create a fertile environment for creativity and analytical/critical thinking: Stories and illustrations to ponder why most working adults are not creative hence affecting their critical/analytical thinking skills.


ü  Creativity Assessment (by Epstein): Self-assessment on how creative the participants are. This is a good self-awareness exercise so they can individual aware the 4 areas that will affect their foundation for critical/analytical thinking.


ü  GRASP  (Thinking about thinking): Knowing what the experts knew about thinking that will provide reflection on how the participants can harness their critical thinking skills in terms of thinking modes such as Generative, Reactive, Analytical, Selective and Pro-active.

ü  Mind Mapping: A versatile tool to improve Analytical & Critical Thinking: Learning a tool that can be used for creative, analytical and critical thinking.


ü  Mind Map Practice: Participants will get to practice drawing mind maps that help them to reflect. This is one of the ways to help them to practice critical/analytical thinking skills by exploring multiple paths on how to improve their career. This will kick-start a need to self-develop and meet stakeholders’ expectations. They can also explore how mind map can aid them in their daily tasks at work that require Analytical/Critical thinking skills.


ü  Solution finder model; a tool to solve the Scenarios/Challenges determined by the participants at work. Teams will be formed to work on real life challenges: The participants now will be introduced to use a Critical/Analytical thinking process that they can apply to real life challenges at work. The first step to this process is determining the challenge.


ü  Idea Generation Exercise – Divergent Thinking: Generating ideas to solve the said scenarios (as a team): The participants will start with the second step of the Solution Finder model by generating a lot of ideas via a thinking tool called SCAMPER. This is a great tool for Critical/Analytical Thinking as it helps them to create a lot of options for selection later. This also helps in seeing the bigger picture.


ü  Ideas Selection – Convergent Thinking: Making crucial decisions on the said scenarios by using the decision-making matrix as well as using your “Head” and “Heart”: The participants will now embark on using their analytical/critical thinking skills in terms of selecting the best ideas that will solve their challenges determine earlier. This will be step three of the Solution Finder model.


ü  Incubating your Solutions: Fine tuning, anticipating barriers, exploring all angles and contingencies: The participants will catch the concepts of step four of the Solution Finder Process where they need to practice it outside the workshop i.e. getting support and buy-in of their ideas as well as implementation. This will be the real-world test run of the results of their attempts in using the tools in analytical/critical thinking.


ü  How to get support and buy-in from management and others (including addressing concerns and presentation of solutions): The participants will get more pointers and sources to increase their chances in getting support and “yes” from the ideas that they generated using analytical/critical thinking skills.


Intended Audience:    

Senior and general management, CEO of startups companies, CIO, CTO, Managers, corporate planners, sales and marketing managers, business managers and anyone who Believe in Achieving Greatness, to Reinvent, to Think-Out-Of-The-Box and to Quantum Leap Competitors.



Workshop Methodology

This interactive workshop will be conducted with a good blend of instruction, discussions and a great deal of mind mapping.  Participants are encouraged to bring their real-life goals, dreams and problems to the class for discussions and ideas generation/evaluation/ finding solutions.

The workshop will be fuelled by lively group thinking activities sessions and planning your next big idea has never been so fun or rewarding.




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