EQ Skills for Success

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EQ Skills for Success

September 18, 2018 EQ 0

“EQ Skills for Success.

EQ has twice the power of IQ to predict performance.”

EQ is also a better predictor than employee skill, knowledge, or expertise.

EQ Skills for Success

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is the ability to use emotions effectively.       How does EQ Skills impact success?

Countless studies and research over the last 20 years have all been pointing to the importance of EQ development in employees and how this has a direct impact on results, performance, quality of relationships, customer retention and superior leadership performance.

Leading global organizations such as PepsiCo, FedEx, HSBC, the US Air Force and countless other organizations are turning to the science of EQ as part of their human capital strategy!

This increasing emphasis on the role of EQ in business and talent development is evident when you do a search for “Emotional Intelligence” on Google which returned 30 million hits.

In a survey conducted with leaders, when asked what were the top issues they face at work, leaders responded with the following:-

  • 76% are people/relational issues and
  • 24% on finance/technical issues;

Among the 135 leaders surveyed, a massive 89% identified EQ as ‘highly important’ or ‘essential’ to meeting their organization’s top challenges.

 As business environments become more complex and we need to constantly adapt to thrive we need to hire right, nurture and develop the EQ of our precious talents in order to lead and succeed in the game.

This two day workshop covers the foundation and the essentials of developing employees’ emotional intelligence.

The objectives of this workshop are:-

  1. To define emotional intelligence & recognize its value to personal & organizational effectiveness;
  2. To learn and apply tools to increase personal awareness;
  3. To explore and apply tools to improve self-management and make better decisions;
  4. To discover, define & pursue a deeper sense of purpose or goals to experience a sustainable level of self-motivation & ability to adapt to change.

Workshop Content:-

  • Introduction to EQ and its benefits
  • Understand how emotion impacts personal & organizational effectiveness
  • The EQ Model – the framework for success
  • Developing 8 key competencies
  • Know Yourself:
    • Enhance Emotional Literacy
    • Recognize Patterns
  • Choose Yourself:
    • Consequential Thinking
    • Navigate Emotions
    • Intrinsic Motivation
    • Optimism
  • Give Yourself:
    • Increase Empathy
    • Pursue Noble Goals
  • Developing & applying a plan to put EQ into action

EQ Skills for Success Model

This highly practical, fun and interactive workshop will be conducted with a good blend of instructions, discussions and role-plays.

The Benefits

10 key benefits your teams will experience after attending our EQ Skills for Success Workshop are as follows:-

  1. Improved ability to manage personal emotions in order to make better decisions in a timely manner;
  2. Ability to diffuse conflicts amongst team members and with co-workers;
  3. Empowered to communicate thoughts and feelings appropriately in order to get results with people;
  4. Ability to consciously choose appropriate responses instead of reacting to people and situations;
  5. Experience personal break-through by learning to identify unproductive behavioural patterns and replace them with positive responses;
  6. Ability to motivate self to achieve goals and overcome challenges;
  7. Developing personal resilience and bouncing back from set-backs and disappointments;
  8. Know how to demonstrate empathy with clients and team members in order to develop trust and emotional connection to strengthen relationships;
  9. Generate and spread positive vibes and influence others for a positive environment;
  10. Knowing how to align personal values with organizational goals.

Just imagine for a minute how your organization would be different if your employees experienced the 10 key benefits listed above from acquiring EQ skills?

  • Would faster and better quality decision making help the organization to improve productivity and its bottom line?
  • How much time, stress, energy and training dollars could an organization save if its employees practice a healthy, open and clear communication which prevents a misunderstanding from escalating into full blown conflicts?
  • How would the leaders feel if the second line managers are able to engage the hearts and minds of their staff and increase healthy employee engagement through empathy which builds trust in relationships?

Good and positive moods spread throughout an organization like good virus and affect employees’ well-being which impacts performance.

Emotions drive people and people drive performance!

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