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Leadership Development

September 21, 2018 Management and Leadership Development Programmes 0

Leadership and Management Development Programmes

Modular Series of Management and Leadership Development Programme with follow-up Coaching

Leadership Development

FirstJoy’s Leadership  Development Programmes with follow-up Coaching is delivered using interactive presentations, business simulations, gamification, game-based learning, videos & case studies to ensure a meaningful learning experience for the learners.

Depending on the modules chosen, the entire program could range from 6-9 months.

FirstJoy’s Leadership Development program is designed to be modular (2 days workshop + Follow-Up Coaching).


Leadership Development Programme



Each module below is a two day workshop and can be customised according to the organisation’s requirement:

  1. Personal Mastery: Discovering Your Personality, Strengths & Weaknesses
  2. Management & Leadership Skills
  3. Leadership Vital Signs
  4. EQ for Personal Change and Breakthrough Success  https://www.firstjoytraining.com/eq-for-personal-change-and-breakthrough-success/
  5. Emotional Intelligence for Effective Leadership https://www.firstjoytraining.com/eq-for-leadership-effectiveness/
  6. Business Acumen
  7. Motivation
  8. Coaching Skills to develop others
  9. Delegation & Empowerment
  10. Performance Management & Setting Objectives
  11. Problem Solving Skills: Leading with Questions https://www.firstjoytraining.com/problem-solving-skills/
  12. Action Learning for Team Collaboration
  13. Personal and Team Effectiveness with Lumina Spark Profiling  https://www.firstjoytraining.com/personal-and-team-effectiveness-with-lumina-spark-profiling/
  14. Creativity & Innovation
  15. Mind Mapping  https://www.firstjoytraining.com/mind-mapping-for-better-performance/
  16. Behavioural Interviewing Skills
  17. Problem Solving & Decision Making Skills
  18. Personal Effectiveness & Time Management
  19. Persuasive Presentation Skills https://www.firstjoytraining.com/persuasive-presentation-skills-form/
  20. Learning Agility  https://www.firstjoytraining.com/leading-and-thriving-during-change-and-uncertainty-learning-agility/
    • Mental Agility
    • People Agility
    • Change Agility
    • Results Agility
    • Self-Awareness
  21. Succession Planning –developing the leadership pipeline
We recommend a selection of  4 – 5 customised modules in the Leadership Development programme to equip leaders to increase their effectiveness in engaging and coaching their team members.
Most of our clients have reported an improvement in their leaders’ ability and willing ness to engage with their team members after the first two modules of leadership development. 
FirstJoy highly recommends for clients to commit to post workshop follow-up coaching sessions with their leaders as this would increase personal accountability for learning and skill application as well as learning retention.  
Do feel free to reach out to us and request for video testimonials and stories of how leaders and managers across South East Asia have improved in their leadership skills and confidence after FirstJoy’s six- month leadership development program.
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