Self Awareness to Increase Virtual Team Effectiveness

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Self Awareness to Increase Virtual Team Effectiveness 

Workshop Date: 17-18 June 2020 (Wed-Thurs)

Fees: RM 1,800/person
(inclusive of an online profile and personalized 41 page report)


Consider these scenarios:

  • Would you would like to connect better and build stronger relationships with your team?
  • Do you think knowing each team member well (their preferences and tendencies) will help the leader and team members to be better at achieving their goals and objectives?
  • Would you like to have better insights about yourself in order to have breakthroughs to the next level for your career with personalised strategic personal development?

If these scenarios resonate with you, then this workshop is for you and your team. It’s time to harness your team’s strengths to fulfil its potential.

Lumina Spark is a very dynamic online profiling tool which measures a combination of 24 traits and preferences which makes each person unique.

It measures one’s motivation, observable behaviour through three Personas:

(1) The Underlying Persona;

(2) The Everyday Persona and

(3) The Overextended Persona.

The Lumina Spark tool has strong visuals that identify how you and team will react to stress and what strengths you and team may lean on to regain composure.  Some strengths are suppressed and some become overused.

This workshop is a highly interactive and interesting experience in which participants explore who they are using an individualised report called a Portrait.

This Portrait provides a colourful and insightful framework for better self-understanding and impact awareness. It also helps people identify how to improve themselves and their working relationships with others.

This workshop explores a series of engaging exercises to deepen your learning and understanding of the science behind the Lumina Model which focuses on individual, team and interpersonal mastery, response to stress and communication skills.

Learning Outcomes:

√ Increased understanding of their own personality at rest, at work and under stress;

√ Greater impact awareness;

√ Improved awareness of and appreciation for others qualities;

√ Greater ability to understand and overcome differences with others;

√ Greater ability to ‘speed read’ others and refine how you communicate with them;

√ The potential to transform relationships;

√ An Action Planning template that helps carry the learning forward;

√ An overview of the group through Team Wheels

Workshop Topics:

  • Lumina Spark Portrait Review
  • 24 Qualities Revealed
  • Underlying, Everyday and Over Extended Personas at work
  • How to use the Lumina Splash mobile app to access self- report as well as compare with another
  • Group work on the  LUMINA mat on the 3 Personas
  • Awareness and Diversity appreciation
  • Discuss Preferences  and Perceptions
  • Personal development plan
  • Brief speed reading learning and exercise
  • GROWS Model for focus on one new goal

Workshop Methodology:

This interactive workshop will be conducted with a good blend of instruction, discussions, gamification (mobile app), role-play, team exercises and simulations.

Book Yourself and Your Team members a seat ! 

Learn to drop judgments, understand the essence of the other, adapt your behaviour to build trust and rapport…and see Team Effectiveness soar.

Registration closes on 10 June 2020!