Teambuilding Programs Not Giving You Results?

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Teambuilding Programs Not Giving You Results?

September 23, 2018 Teambuilding Tools and Assessments 0

Teambuilding Programs Not Giving You Results?

5 Ways to Optimise Team Performance

60% of Performance is driven by the 5 Climate Factors Measured in our Team Vital Signs (TVS) Assessment!


Teambuilding programs are great fun and are often needed for the team to get away from the day to day work environment to destress and engage in some fun activities together.

Some teams spend a good amount of resources planning for a teambuilding outing and hope to be able to see improvement in team communication, relationships and performance back at the workplace after the teambuilding sessions.

However in most cases, the excitement and feel good factor fizzle off after about three weeks if not sooner and the team situation and performance reverts to before the teambuilding session.

One of the top reasons why this happens is because while the session was fun and exciting, the issue of the lack of TRUST amongst the team members was not addressed.

TRUST is the secret ingredient of great teams and outstanding performance as it forms the foundation of all relationships. In order for the team to perform well, the team members and the leadership must first build a trusting relationship amongst each other.

According to SixSeconds, a leading non-profit global authority in EQ…


So how do we measure the team’s level of Trust and identify the key climate factors which are affecting performance?

The Team Vital Signs (TVS) is an online tool which measures the FIVE climate factors affecting team performance.

These Five Climate Factors are:

  1. Motivation
  2. Change
  3. Teamwork
  4. Execution and
  5. Trust

The Team’s level of Motivation and ability to adapt to Change both have a direct influence and impact on the Organization’s STRATEGY.

The team’s level of Motivation and Teamwork affect the PEOPLE aspect of the organization such as employee engagement, retention of talents and satisfaction or well-being.

A team that has a high level of Teamwork and is able to EXECUTE directly impact the level of OPERATIONAL efficiency and excellence.

On the other spectrum, the team’s ability to Execute and adapt to Change affects the ORGANIZATION in terms of its ability to innovate and to respond to needs and changes in the industry and business.

At the heart of all these factors is TRUST which influences every climate factor mentioned above.

The TVS also measures the Four Key Outcomes which indicate the level of the Team’s…

  • Sustainability
  • Agility
  • Results
  • Satisfaction

Once we identify where the team stands in terms of the above factors and outcomes, we are then able to help you and your team explore ways to improve the team’s level of trust and performance.

Now, let’s imagine for a moment:

Teambuilding Programs

How would it feel if You increased any of the climate factors and outcomes by just 10%?


What would 10% more Trust do to Your results?


We can’t improve on what we do not know and we won’t know until we Measure it.


Take Action now.


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