Build Trust to Improve Leadership Effectiveness

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Date: 4 October 2019  (Start: 9am  End: 5pm)

Course Fee: RM 1,300/person 

(Inclusive of an online Leadership Vital Signs assessment & personal report)


That people at high-trust companies report:

√ 74% Less Stress;

√ 106% More Energy at Work;

√ 50% Higher Productivity;

√ 76% More Engagement;

√ 40% Less Burnout and

√ 29% Increase in Life Satisfaction

Research has indicated that there are 5 climate Factors that drive organizational performance.

Leaders who are able to inspire motivation, execute well, foster teamwork, skilled at getting buy-in for change and create trust are the leaders who are able to drive performance.

The starting point begins with measuring the leader’s effectiveness through an online tool known as the “Leadership Vital Signs” or LVS.

The LVS is a statisitcally validated tool that captures key information about the people side of performance.

It is built on a model with solid business logic as well as sound science and the LVS tool connects people’s perceptions and attitudes with hard business outcomes in an actionable, practical framework.

As a pre-workshop task, participants will need to complete a pre-workshop online assessment.

Learning Objectives:

The workshop and the personalized LVS report aims to:

√ Create a shared understanding of “leadership” & the key responsibilities for people-leaders;

√ Focus leaders on the key drivers for enrolling people in change;

√ Rapidly identify the barriers to sustainable performance;

√ Pinpoint opportunities for growth and strengths to leverage and

√ Frame a meaningful discussion around the task of leading people.

Learning Outcomes:

Upon completion of the workshop, participants should be able to:

  • identify their personal leadership development gaps and needs based on the LVS report;
  • know the areas of leadership strengths and leverage these in order to increase effectiveness in the leaders’ Influence, Efficacy, Design & Direction;
  • develop a clear action plan to work on closing the leadership development gaps to improve trust and performance.

Workshop Topics:

  • Overview & introduction to LVS
  • Report debriefing of LVS
  • Identify leadership gaps & design an action plan
  • Framework for improving leadership effectiveness:
    • 5 climate drivers and
    • 4 outcomes
  • Building Trust
  • Motivation
  • Change
  • Teamwork
  • Execution
  • Next Steps & Action Plan

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