Behavioural Interviewing Skills

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Date: 10 – 11 April 2019      (Start: 9am End: 5pm)

Course Fee: RM 1,600/person


One of the most essential skills that people managers need to possess as part of their managerial repertoire is interviewing skills for the purpose of hiring.

A critical component in the interview process is in the area of behavioral assessment of past performance in order to make a more accurate hiring decision. Besides focusing on traditional interview techniques, the behavioral requirements of the position should be given adequate focus and this is where behavioral based interviews play an important role.

This program focuses on behavioral interviewing as a complementary tool to aid participants when conducting selection interviews.


Learning Objectives:

  •  Understand the need for Competencies as a gateway for a talent strategy in general, and for hiring, in particular
  • Map competencies from job descriptions and structure behavioural questions
  • Understand what behavioral based interviews are and ask behavioral questions
  •  Apply the use of an assessment framework to identify candidate’s past performance in order to increase the degree of accuracy in assessing their suitability
  • Be aware of the fundamental people skills when conducting selection interviews
  • Understand how to structure and conduct a behavioral based interview
  • Grasp the concept of employer branding and the need to project professionalism in the course of conducting interviews

Workshop Topics:

The Big Picture

o  Employer branding, professionalism and the interviewer

o  Competencies and behaviours – the gateway to a talent strategy  

Understanding Behaviour Based Interviews

o  Bio, technical and behavioral interviews

o  Why focus on behaviour?

o  What is a behavioral example?

o  Recognizing factual evidence

o  Recognizing fiction from fact

o  Competency mapping using job descriptions

o  Preparing behavioral questions

o  Types of behavioral and non-behavioral questions 

Effective Interviewing Skills & Techniques 

o  Asking behavioral questions

o  Assessment of past performance using a structured framework

o  Understanding motivational fit

o  Questioning and listening techniques

o  Making people feel at ease

o  Perception traps

Interview Preparation, Interview Structure & Mock Interviews 

o  Pre-interview preparation

o  Interview Structure

o  Conducting Interviews

o  Note-taking

o  Evaluating the candidate


o  A blend of short lectures, exercises, games, role plays, group discussions and presentations and interview tools. 


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