Communication Skills and Emotional Intelligence: Winning with People

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Communication Skills and EQ: Winning with People

Date: 20 – 21 July 2020 (Tues-Wed)

(start: 9am  end: 1pm)

Delivery Platform: Online (ZOOM)

Course Fee: RM 800 + 6% SST/ per person

 “I must first know myself so I can understand others before I can help anyone”

Florence Littauer (Best Selling Author of the book “Personality Plus”)


Do you want to relate better with your superiors & colleagues, business partners & customers?


Have you ever wondered why you’re having a hard time understanding your business associate’s behaviour?


Is relating and communicating with people at work or in business frustrating to you?




Perhaps you would like to improve your relationships by understanding why people respond the way they do?


Apart from having the right attitude, effective people skills and an ability to get along well with co-workers, customers and management are keys to anyone’s success at work and in business.

 An in-depth knowledge and understanding of yourself and the personalities of the people you work with will definitely make life easier and more meaningful for you, not to mention improved relationships, improved teamwork and in getting promoted…resulting in more income & job satisfaction for you.

This course forms the foundation of understanding yourself and understanding others. For managers, leaders and talents, this is a critical leadership competency which they need to develop and master in order to model the right behavior and also to lead others effectively and win as a team.

 Participants will discover that the famous saying “Different Strokes for Different Folks” will hold true in their quest to master the art and the process of getting the best out of the people they work with!

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The key indicators to achieving Performance & Promotability = The Ability to balance achieving Results + Relationships!

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