Probably the Most Effective Leadership Development Consultants in Malaysia



FirstJoy co-labours and partners with you to help you address the following people and business issues…

Talent Management and Development Ecosystem:

  • Creating Job / Success Profiles (based on over 20 years of research from data collected from all regions of the world)

    • Identify Leadership Competencies needed for Your Talents to Succeed (Performance and Promotion) across different levels
    • Assess Current Gaps and address them
  • Helping you to Identify High Potential Talents

    • Helping You to Differentiate between High Performers and High Potential Talents in order to build the Leadership Pipeline for Succession Planning and Enhancing Career Development
  • Selection of Talents

    • Behavioural and Evidence-based Interviewing Skills
    • Equipping Managers to Increase their Ability to Select Successful Talents
    • Align Selection requirements with Leadership Competencies based on Success Profiles identified


Measure and Build Trust in Teams

  • Team Vital Signs (TVS) Online Assessment and Reporting

    • Benchmarking Your Team’s Trust level globally
    • Identify Team Strengths and Opportunities for Growth and Development
    • Proposed Solution to Address Gaps


Core Values: Aligning your Teams on the Organization’s Core Values for Culture Change

  • Core Values and Behavioural Change

    • Working with You to Align teams across the organization on the Core Values to Increase Adoption and Improve Integration Efforts
    • Positive Culture and Behavioural Change


Employee Engagement & Workplace Improvement Solutions

  • Organizational Vital Signs (OVS) Online Assessment and Reporting

    • Benchmarking Your Employee Engagement Scores against Global Organizations
    • Identify Organization’s Strengths and Gaps
    • Proposed Solution to Address Gaps

Team Diagnosis and Metrics for Change and Improved Team Alignment

  • Tools and Solutions from Team Coaching International

    • Team Leader View Diagnosis
    • Identify 14 Team Performance Factors
    • Team Coaching for Development and Improvement

Innovation Projects

  • Working with Leaders to Identify Innovative Ideas and Real Projects that result in the following:

    • Improved Revenue
    • Implementation of Quick-Win Ideas for Improved Team/Departmental/Organizational Performance
    • Problem Solving
    • Workplace Improvement Projects
    • Improved Team Engagement and Collaboration across the Organization