Creative Thinking Skills

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Creative Thinking Skills

Date: 27-28 August 2019 (Start: 9am End: 5pm)

Course Fee: RM 1,600/person


Creative Thinking includes the importance of seeing from the unexpected perspectives of how you solve a challenge. 

It can first interpret and frame the problems customers/stakeholders faces and then proceed to solution generation, getting buy-in plus support as well as piloting / prototyping.

The underlining purpose of Creative Thinking is the assumption that we must think “outside ourselves.” Great ideas or solutions do not happen within the four walls of an office. It happens in the real world.

In increasingly volatile times, innovation and collaboration skills are becoming vital to any organizations, and both principles are part and parcel of advance Creative Thinking.

This hands-on workshop will lead the participants through one of the tested creative thinking processes taught by a thinking professional that had real life facilitation and execution experience.



§  Understand how to apply creative thinking best practices to tackle challenges in a different light

§  A deeper understanding of day to day Ideas to positively impact the organisation

§  Learn techniques and tools to set challenges, generating/selecting ideas and getting buy-in

§  Think about thinking (harness our thinking capabilities)

§  Discover how to tell a compelling story to engage audiences and engaging others to collaborate and buy-in.


  • Overview of Learning Agility in respect of Creative Thinking: Mental Agility, Results Agility, Change Agility, People Agility & Self-Awareness.
  • Creativity Assessment (by Epstein) 
  • GRASP  (5 ways to enhance Creative thinking): Generative-Reactive-Analytical-Selective-Proactive
  • Mind Mapping: A versatile tool for Creative Thinking
  • Mind Map Practice 
  • Creative Thinking Framework; a tool to solve the Challenges determined by the participants at work. Teams will be formed to work on real life challenges: 
  • Framing a Challenge: A day in the life of the customer/stakeholder.
  • Generating Possibilities and ideas to solve the customer’s challenges as a team. Tool: SCAMPER
  • Ideas Selection: Scenario based decision making matrix and using ‘Head’ and ‘Heart’.  
  • Ways to measure benefits
  • How to get support & buy-in from management and others ( & addressing concerns of stakeholders through a prototype simulation).



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