Effective Objection Handling for Higher Motivation & Customer Satisfaction

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Effective Objection Handling for Higher Motivation & Better Customer Satisfaction

Dates: 11-12 Nov 2019 (Start: 9am End: 5pm)

Course Fees: RM 1,600 / person


“Customers need a solution, not another presentation of options.”


When asked, “Why should I buy this product / service?”  Should we start by showing our comprehensive and professional looking slides?


When asked, “I hate this new feature in your new system.” Should we explain why that feature was there in the first place?


Objection handling means responding to the customer in a way that changes their mind or alleviate their concerns. For many of our front-liners, they debate with the potential customers and try to win them over with our best features. Customers wants solutions not what our product has to offer. Handling objections is a skill which could be learnt.


Intended Audience:

Sales Teams, Customer Service Teams and any teams which would need to interact with end customers including even Technical Support teams, Engineering teams etc.

 Workshop Objectives:

By the end of the workshop:

√ Participants should have higher confidence in handling objections effectively. 

√ They will focus on solutions instead of just pushing through what the company’s products / services could do.

√ Using their learning, they would also be able to customize their communication  accordingly.

Workshop Content:-

       Objections should be encouraged. (YES)

       Reasons for customers’ resistance.

       Uncovering hidden concerns or questions.

    Basic strategies for overcoming customers’ resistance.

    Techniques to overcome objections.

  • Tackling price    concerns. (Important  learning for all teams) 


Workshop Methodology

The training approach and methodology used will be a combination of experiential learning, case studies, best practices, role-plays, guided discussion, games & exercises to demonstrate learning points.

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Be more savvy in handling objections! How you respond could change a client’s decision from a definite  ‘No’ to a ‘Maybe’ or even a ‘Yes’! 

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