Getting to YES: Negotiation, Influencing & Communication Skills

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Getting to YES: Negotiation, Influencing & Communication Skills


10-11 March 2020 (Start: 9am End: 5pm)

Course Fee: RM 1,600 / person


“Win-Win Negotiations are based on trust, understanding, respect and ethics.”


“Getting to YES” is a program designed for executives and managers who need to polish and improve their confidence and communication skills by improving their negotiation and influencing skills with internal and external customers, vendors, and suppliers in their day to day operations.

Whether the task includes negotiating for better terms, extending datelines or even getting buy-in during meetings, every executive can improve his/her effectiveness by increasing personal confidence, assertiveness and influencing skills.

Often, the challenge is to delicately and professionally manage expectations of the other party while remaining focused on one’s personal objectives and outcome in order to get to Yes and to go for Win-Win.  

The key is about:

  • Knowing what the other party wants and what is important to him/her;
  • Knowing what you want and need to do for a win-win solution;
  • Managing the other party’s expectations;
  • Developing self-confidence & knowing how to influence the outcome
  • Adopting a Solution-Focus habit and mindset.


  • Overcome the fear of negotiation;
  • Practice influencing others to say ‘Yes’ through applying the Science of Persuasion;
  • Experience the power and impact of emotions in persuasion;
  • Anchor yourself in ethical and professional way of achieving a win-win solution;
  • Polish your assertive communication skill in order get results & improve self-confidence!


Executives, senior executives, managers & anyone who needs to develop the skill and confidence to negotiate, influence and persuade others to collaborate and get results.


  • Communication skills which get you results
  • Negotiation & Assertiveness Skills
  • Influencing Skills
  • Communication Skill in Negotiation
    • Understanding the key elements in the negotiation process
    • Language & Emotions
    • Assertive Communication Behaviour in Negotiation
    • Body language & what it means
    • Responsive Listening
    • Asking powerful questions
  • Influencing Skill
    • The Science of Persuasion
    • What is influence?
    • How to influence others & win them over?
    • How to read people like a book & responding appropriately
  • Tips & Techniques to build self-confidence and to get to Yes:
    • Ask for more than you expect to get
    • Never say yes to the first offer
    • “You’ll have to do better than that”
    • Handling the person who has no authority to decide
    • Always ask for a trade-off
    • Good guy vs. Bad guy
  • Going for Win-Win: Developing a Solution Focus habit and mindset
    • Solutions, Not Problems
      • Focus on getting agreement, not victory!
  • Application, Exercises, Tools


Workshop Methodology

This interactive workshop will be conducted with a good blend of hands-on practice, simulations, games & relevant exercises.

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